Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Esprit jeans

My last pair of jeans was Quiksilver organic jeans which I bought in December 2008. And I feel every time I go out on weekends, I wear the same thing, so its time to buy new jeans...

I am very particular about clothes because many times I buy the cheap brand, it will tear less than a month. So I was eying the Esprit jeans that had RM100 discount..

I went there last Sunday, unfortunately the men fitting room was closed, and the other available fitting room was near the bra and panties section so I was shy to go..maybe I should have gone and later tell "Well kids, that how I met your mum" =.=|||

So today I was there again and finally this side of the fitting room was opened..

Not bad, only half the original price (almost)..Anyone in UK interested, please contact me immediately cause the size is limited OK..

When I paid, the salesgirl asked me to get an Esprit card (I do have one but it has expired in 2008) since I always buy there. Come on, the last time I was there was like 2 months ago, and contrary to popular belief, I only have 3 Esprit pants and 2 shirts OK...

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