Monday, June 15, 2009

The study of the impact of pet society on multicultural, demographically different users.

Abstract: This paper will discuss the impact of pet society on the society. It will take into account the different cultures and age groups of the users. The study will touch on the cognitive, emotional and cultural aspect that pet society manage to encompass across people of different nationalities and religions and how it can be used to achieve a border less world.

ha, if I were to do a Phd in education, that will be my title and abstract. You can play pet society in facebook where you can have a pet, play with it and level up. Its a really simple game but its very addictive to some people.

I was in the forum last night and I was very surprised on how so many people take this game so seriously. For example

1. A cancer patient play this game to reduce the pain of chemotherapy

2. Some people were cursing when they lose some "money" to buy "stuff", then the game hang, no money, no stuff =.=. You can get "money" by winning races or lottery in pet society.

3. Hundreds were cursing when the site was down for maintenance.

4. Some people suggests the pets can get married =.=

Mind you these people are not kids, more of them were adults ok.

Anyway here is a screenshot of my pet Drax ha ha

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He sure hangs out with strange crowd...