Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sim Brothel - A review

Since I posted my blog about a sim brothel game, I had the chance to try it and here is my review..

Basically there are 3 levels, Easy, Normal and Hard. Since you all are beginners, I recommend the Easy levels. A word of warning, unless you have free time or want to save the game, it will take over 3 hours to play >.<

Before you complain, I just like to play game, unlike the news below =.= This is wrong in my book, any time, any day =.=

Back to the game, basically you have 300 days to solve several missions, while getting workers and purchasing buildings.. First quest is to buy a house before 30 days. the first time I played was to save 500 before 30 days, so the challenges are random I think.

So how do you play, just assign your worker to specific place and then click New Day..

In the beginning you worker work in a shack to find customer

Japanese Mosaic Layer, wakaka....

You can also buy your own building but its bloody expensive at the beginning

Every week you get a joker that can be used for the week. Once you complete a mission you get more special joker..

An advice in choosing worker, do not take the person with high Character, no matter how sexy the picture is, they will refuse to work for you...

After each week, don't forget to Change Price otherwise you will be underpaid.. ha ha

And notice the abilities button, for Orihime, if I click that, I can choose

It will increase her popularity among customers =.=

Every time they work, it will increase your money and their experience

All censored by me :P

But watch out for their health, if its too low, give them a rest..

After 300 days, you get an ending depending on how many missions you solved..

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