Friday, June 12, 2009

Chinese Super Ninjas

I was browsing youtube when I came up with this classic gem of a movie. It was in 10 parts.


Two Kung Fu masters were fighting to see who is the better man. Actually their students were fighting.

1 master brought out a Samurai on his behalf and the samurai was winning until the hero of our story defeated him and took away his sword. The samurai committed harakiri but said his friend, a ninja will kill all of them (the opposite team). Then the samurai threw his ring at the other master who caught it only to be cut by the ring, poisoned and lose his kung fu skills for 3 months.

Lesson Learned: If someone especially your enemy threw something at you, for God sake, don't catch it.

The ninja arrived and challenged the school to a fight, which cause a lot of students to get killed. The master, the hero and his brother got themselves fortified in thier base with traps and barricades.

Of course the wily ninja send his best spy, a girl (a female ninja - kunoichi) to enter the base. The girl pretended to be beaten up IN FRONT of the base. Of course our heroes come running to save her and offered to shelter her in the base.

Lesson Learned: Who in their right mind would beat up someone in front of a martial arts school? Its like robbing someone in front of the police station.

The kunoichi managed to smuggle out the layout of the base. The brother was smitten by her but out hero remains suspicious of her. On the night of the attach, she was playing flute for the brother, when the ninjas attack, the brother was about to rush out when the flute suddenly became a blowpipe and the brother was shot.

A fierce battle happened but the school was no match for the ninjas and everyone was killed except our hero who wes tied up at the command of the kunoichi. While being tied up, our hero suddenly remembered that once he met a kung fu master who taught him some NINJA skills. According to the master, ninja actually came from china but the japanese people practiced it more. Wow. Using the ninja skill, out hero managed to untie himself. The tie knot is actually like shibari =.=||. Underaged people please don't google it up. ha ha

Out hero was about to escape when the kunoichi came in. so he pretended to be tied up. The shibari confessed her love for him after killing his brother in cold blood like 30 minutes age WTF.

Lesson Learned: If you love someone, try not to kill their siblings or relatives in cold blood. It ruins the relationship =.=

Our hero escapes and go to find the other kung fu master who taught him some ninja skills. Isn't it a neat coincident that the master got three younger brothers who are experts in ninja skills cause now its 4 against the Japanese ninjas.

If you wanna know what happens next, go look at the movie yourself, ha ha


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think it's quite safe to rob someone in front of the police station... But to rob someone in front of a nasi kandar shop or a kedai kopi that our good officers frequent, now, that's another story.

But I totally agree with your third "lesson". Spot-on, man. Touché.

Kunoichi Terminator said...

I'm surprised that someone made a lesson learnt for Chinese Super Ninjas. Very professional!

What I will say is that the Destiny of Kunoichi is undoubtedly only the Death.