Tuesday, June 30, 2009


On the way back from Queensbay, I stopped by a "nasi kandar" shop to buy some food. There I saw one of me ex-friend, and I seldom had ex-friend. We had a disagreement in 2005 and I have not talked to the person since. I felt the person was taking advantage of my friendship and tried to "force" me to do MLM business and I was really angry at the time, not to the amount of money lost but because people take advantage to me. Anyway I did not say hi to the person..

I have no problem with MLM people, some of my good friends are doing that, but they wisely never try to force me to do it...

Which brings us to the moral of the story, do I have regrets about it? Of course I have but will I do it again if push comes shove, I would do it again, definately. Do I have regrets, of course I do, not being nicer to my mother when she was alive, being mean to some people in the past and some other stuff which I do not want to discuss here..

And how do you show you have regrets, a lot of people will just say sorry, get on with thier lives and repeat the same mistake again. If that is the case, I would rather have no regrets rather than say I am sorry..

So, did I regret leaving the post in USM, no because otherwise I would not have met you and you

Do I have any regret leaving my post as an engineer to do teaching, no, because otherwise I would never met you and you :D

So whatever decisions, don't regret cause something good will happen in the future..


LadyTika said...

Try to feel that sir

asma said...

omg sir.
that is such a good wake up call for me.

"dont regret cause something good will happen in the future"