Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eating with myself at TGI and other stories

Today is Sunday, my rest day. I woke up and went to Queensbay mall to have a rest. The funny thing is when I go there, all the eating place are full. The stupid food court had only one counter open and there was a long queue. I waited outside pizza hut but there was no one attending the customer and the person at Nando was busy attending someone else (who did not go in ha ha), so I have only one option, TGI Friday. I had the urge to go there for one week already, finally end up there. The last time I went there was on the 1st of April..

They have this offer, if you order SOL Beer on Friday between 6 - 7 pm and win a coin toss, its free. Anyway I don't drink ha ha.

But I did order a sirloin steak, medium rare. Someone says the steak at Chill is the best, but I was there and then at the moment. Or maybe it's the Ship. Anyway when I was young, I remembered a restaurant called Supersonic in Sarawak where I use to eat chicken rice and steak, but that's another story.

Since I got time to kill, off to the cinema to watch Terminator Salvation. Even though it has been showing for two weeks, only now I am free. Since its a new movie, i will not spoil the story here.
But a few interesting facts

1. When Kyle Reese met Marcus Wright he said "Follow me if you want to live". That's Arnold s' line from Terminator 2.

2. A lot of youngsters will be scratching their heads about Kyle Reese. He was the one who went back in time to save Sarah Connor in the first Terminator

3. Arnold's appearance was CGI based. Wondered if they paid him for that ha ha.

After that I went around looking for a new pants (still searching until now).

Finally bought some nasi kandar for dinner ha ha.


frozeH said...

NASI KANDAR!!!!...i miss it.haven found new pants?

Anonymous said...

Just saw the movie a few days ago.

One big hole in the story:

They captured Kyle Reese, then used it as a lure to get John Connor to go into the Skynet base so they can kill John Connor, FINALLY.

I mean, what the...??? Just shoot Kyle between the eyes as soon as you caught him, and John won't even exist! Duh...