Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back to where it all started

I feel like my website is like gloom and doom now. So decide to lighten up a bit. I went back to my hometown last weekend and took some pictures with my new phone.

The "jantung pisang", heart of the banana, you can boil this and eat with "sambal belacan". Great stuff..

Talking about "sambal belacan", here is a picture of a chili plant.. ha ha.

Some dragonflies..


Maple said...

Wow! Sir you got new phone? What brand? the picture quality is quite good

SMS said...

Sony Ericsson K770i series only la.3.2 megapixels only.

Felicia said...

Ohhh!!I had always wanted to visit a paddy field but no chance to do so =D Nice Pic though