Thursday, June 18, 2009

A sin, erm I mean sim game like no other

I noticed a lot of people reading my review of the Slave Maker game so I decided to make a new review on a game called

Ahem, I did not say the name of the game ok..

This suspiciously look like the intro to Slave Maker =.=

There are three levels for this game

You can buy people to work at your shop, in the beginning you have $250 and 1 staff

Some of the girls that you can buy if you have money =.=

Money not enough T.T

Blasphemy!!!! >.< In the beginning, this is your staff.

You can buy dress and equipments too


Anonymous said...

what version of slvamaker is this one?

Anonymous said...

no it´s slavemaker, it is an old flash game