Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Extreme Rules

Just finished watching WWE pay per view, Extreme Rules. Three matches that I would recommend you all see.

1. Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho

Two of the best wrestlers that WWE ever had. These guys can fight long matches up to 30 minutes and their matches never bore. High flying action all the way. If you have the chance read Chris Jericho's book "A lion's tale". Damn good book. Second best match of the PPV, only to be outmatched by a ladder match.

2. CM Punk vs Umaga

There are 3 outstanding wrestlers that are highly rated, Bryan Danielson in Ring Of Honour, Samoa Joe in TNA and the third one is CM Punk, who joins WWE. Its a pity WWE never let Punk show his real ability there. The match with Umaga is good. And CM Punk did win "Money in the Bank" match at Wrestlemania where he can cash in and challenge the champion ANYTIME in the next one year (until the next Wrestlemania).

3. Jeff Hardy vs Edge - Ladder match for Championship belt

I rated this best cause of the ladders ha ha

Jeff Hardy wins again...

Only to have CM Punk come out and challenge him using the Money in the Bank contract

Punk hits a GTS (Go To Sleep) and becomes the new Champion. I hope that WWE realize these two are good wrestlers and let them head the next PPV. Looking forward to Punk Vs Hardy, please don't mess up the storyline again. (Last time Punk "lost" the title without being in the match as he was "attacked" by Randy Orton outside and Jeff lost the title when his brother betrayed him, come on, you can come up with better scripts ok )


Anonymous said...

"Don't worry, just jump. I'll catch you."

The first picture makes it so obvious that Chris Jericho was breaking Rey Mysterio's fall. :-p

Although it highlights how fake the matches are, but, it's also quite moving, in a sense.

SMS said...

You have to a high trust on your opponents ability to catch you ok. If he miss, you get hurt.

That's how Steve Austin broke his neck when Owen Hart misjudged his piledriver and hit Austin's head on the floor.