Friday, June 19, 2009

Lesbian Vampire Killers

This is a damn funny and campy British movie..

Once upon a time, there was a vampire queen that hates men

and loves women

She terrorize the country until a brave baron with a magic sword vanquished her

Before she was killed she placed a cursed that all the women in the town will turn into lesbian vampire at the age of 18 until the last of the Baron's family die and she is resurrected.

Then he cut her f**king head off (according to the narrator)

Future days, two losers

This guy, Jimmy, was dumped by his girlfriend

This guy Fletch, just lost his job..

They decided to go traveling together

And end up in the town with the lesbian vampire curse, where they met some traveling babes

They decided to hang out and party at an abandon house, ooo, if you watch any horror movie, you will not do that, that is a sure invitation for an attack..One by one the girls were attacked by lesbian vampires

3 of them decides to investigate around

only to encounter

"vampire", "vampire", "Lesbian vampire" quote the vampire behind them

These vampire become like goo when killed

They managed to kill a few vampires then hide inside the house..

Jimmy's ex girlfriend came running but it turned out that she is a vampire too

While Fletch was in the toilet, 3 vampires captured Jimmy and the girl. Fletch was about to be attacked a priest came to his aid.

pushing the vampire to the shower then turn on water

Fletch "holds" the vampire while the priest turn the water into holy water

the vampire melted but left "something", ha ha =.=

So off to save their friends but first they get the magic sword.

Eat your heart out Chow Yun Fatt

Umm, how does this thing work?

Sword? I thought you brought the sword. Yup, they left it in the car

We are the Lesbian Vampire Killers. Next movie - Gay Werewolf Killers?

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