Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I just wanna buy a pair of pants without getting killed =.=

One of my pants was torn like last two weeks, so I was in my hunting mode for new pants.

The problem with pants is it has to match your shirt, you don't buy a pants without contemplating what shirts you have. I shudder to see men wearing blue shirt with green pants =.=

Anyway I was looking at British India collections, their color were white, earth color and beige. Unless you wanna wear all white, its kinda hard to match with other colors.

Note for Engineering students: For the engineering night, i recommend you wear white suit and pants. Then wear a pink shirt with purple tie ha ha. The white suit and pants can be bought at Seed.

Then I looked at Esprit pants. I was reluctant to spend 300 on a pair of pants. ha ha. Saving that for special occasions.

Finally bought at good old Dockers. For those who do not know, its the company that make Levi's jeans.


cinanmoroll said...


SMS said...

what do you mean? there are shops that sell fancy pants in shibuya?

cinanmoroll said...

haha, you come, you see, you faint. haha, seriously sir, you should come here shop,