Monday, June 8, 2009

Heart of a banana - part 2

Since I showed you the picture of the "jantung pisang" and told you you can eat it with "sambal belacan", I feel compelled to show you how to make it. ha ha.

The thing looks like this when its ready.

Just take the jantung pisang and boil it. When it is boiled, cut it in half.

As for the "sambal belacan", you can find many recipes on the web, but this is how I make it at my hometown.

You need some
- Chili
- 3 Onions and a piece of garlic
- A piece of belacan - roast it under a fire
- Some tamarind juice
-A pinch of salt and sugar
-a mortar and pestle (I bet you never seen this, next time I go back hometown I take a picture)

Pound the onions and garlic first, then put the chili and pound some more. Then put the belacan and pound. Next put a pinch of sugar and salt and finally the tamarind juice.

Or easier if you put everything in a blender =.=, or go to the food stall behind KFC USM, you can find a stall there that sells these.

Don't worry, my blog is not turning into a cooking blog. Just lightening up a bit.

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