Sunday, June 21, 2009

Things to ponder about

Its that time of year again where I feel sad and happy. Most of the students I know will be going to university soon. I feel happy for them but I also feel sad because I need to upgrade myself but been procrastinating for quite some time. Some of my students, like Elaine will be the same level with me soon as she is doing her Master now. Even my sister is gonna do her degree this year.

Talking about my sister, she is going to do pharmacy at Universiti Teknologi Mara in Selangor. She applied with USM but did not get the offer there. With a cgpa of 4.0 if USM did not want, I have nothing else to say. Anyway, I feel it was meant to be because now I don't have a burden in Penang and can leave anytime if I wish to.

Anyway I am feeling a bit tired today cause yesterday I finished marking 75 exam scripts in one day. Its like I just ate McD for lunch and continued working the whole day non-stop. But at least I got paid for that ^^.

Yesterday was father's day. So wishing Father's everywhere a Happy Father's Day. Respect your father for all the sacrifices he has done..

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asma said...

relax sir.. just be urself :D

woah ur sister is so smart.
cgpa of 4.0 X_X