Thursday, December 18, 2008

Organic jeans

First we have organic chicken, the organic coconut oil and finally now we have organic jeans. What is organic jeans, my friend asked. I think you can eat the jeans was my reply. Actually organic jeans was created without using chemicals, they just use some stone to fade the colors (so they claimed, I don't care actually).

My last jeans was like 300 years ago and I have torn 2 since then (this one not repairable, trust me =.=) so I was out looking to buy new jeans. I went to the Levis shop but nothing interesting so good so off to another shop I go.

So finally I got 1 Quiksilver jeans.
So "organic" that the buttons are made out of coconut shell =.=
I bought the jeans not cause of the "organic" fad but because I think it looks good.

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