Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Malaysia Savings Sale at Queensbay

Last night, Wednesday 3-12-2008, the Malaysia Savings Sale was launched at Queensbay, Penang. The events included music show and fashion show. As usual, yours truly was there to cover the event.

Cool decoration right?

The fashion show included clothes from Raoul, Topshop, Forever21, East India Company and some other brands that I cannot remember. Was busy taking pictures until my hand phone was hot.
Now we know what the cage was going to be used for. It's the entrance for the models

I prefer black gowns to colorful ones, I mean I prefer to see girls wear it.

Topshop ^^

Raoul. Their clothes are getting more expensive. 400 for a shirt =.=|||

This one I think from Forever21, got feel..

White Christmas by East India Company

If you wanna buy clothes overseas, the color for winter is dark color ok. Don't go buy white =.=

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