Thursday, December 25, 2008

The truth as I see it..

A lot of people do not tell the truth but "little white lies" to save face or something like that. Is that the best way? Or is honesty still the best policy. Let's examine these two stories and see your own conclusion.

Story 1:
A little kid likes to suck his thumb. To stop this habit, his mother told him "If you suck your thumb, your stomach will grow bigger and bigger until one day, it will explode".

One day the kid and mommy were walking in the park when the kid saw a pregnant woman. And the kid remarked to the woman "Haa, I know what you like to do to end up like that".

Story 2:
The parents and a visitor were talking in the house when suddenly the kid come running to mommy and said "Mommy, I wanna pee now". The mommy was rather embarrassed.

So when the visitor left she told the kid "Next time, don't say you wanna pee, but say you wanna sing when you have to go to the bathroom".

Then one day the auntie come and visit the family. The auntie took the kid to watch a movie.
Then in the middle of the movie the kid said" Auntie, I wanna sing now".
The auntie replied "We are in the middle of a movie. If you wanna sing, sing into my ear".