Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A new boss..

A new boss is appointed to a company. He feels that the staffs are lazy and wanted to teach them a lesson.

"Today I am going to fire the first person that I see loafing around"

He went to the office and saw a man sitting at the front counter. "You there, how much do you make per month?". He asked the man in a loud voice. All the staffs are looking at the commotion.

"800 per month" replied the man.

"Well, take this 800. You are fired" screamed the boss.

The man took the 800 and left. The boss was pleased "The staff would be afraid of me by now".

Then before going back to his room, he asked the receptionist "Which department does the guy belong to?".

The receptionist replied "Actually, that was the pizza delivery guy".


xynthian said...

FUCK man...this is good stuff! Eh, tell me that this happened in INTI. WAhahaa

SMS said...

As you know this Laureate group has taken over Inti, and I feel Inti is not the same anymore. Now they want to standardize everything up to the point of overkill, can you imagine that even test they wanna standardize to 2 hours and 4 questions. Freaking test only. Anyway I am going to interviews already. wahaha. You can also read Tze Yin's blog, there also got more stuff on this. ha ha.