Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nation Undead Project

I came across this project when I was surfing for zombie movies. The idea is that US is infected with a zombie infection, and how different people in the different states will react. The people in the different states can contribute to the different chapters of the story. Meaning you can create a home video and submit to the website and they will choose the best video. And you can view the videos online. Pity they only do it for the US, I would love to make a clip of my own zombie movie.

Basically there are 9 chapters for this film.
1. Outbreak
2. Panic
3. Riot
4. Shock
5. Preservation
6. Blackout
7. Isolation
8. Migration
9. Trapped

More info at

Which brings me to my idea. Since all of you are scattered everywhere, can we make one version of College/University of the Dead? :P. Then post online in youtube or facebook. ha ha

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