Friday, December 5, 2008

The story of the best mail deliverer

Once upon a time long ago, some people worked together in a mail delivering company. They deliver mail to the nearby villages. One particular village was by the river and the mail deliverer had to go across the bridge that was 3 miles off the village, which resulted in the mail being delivered late.

The boss realized the problem and decided to check out the village and the river. He stood by the river bank and decided the best way was to SWIM across the river to deliver the mail faster. Boats you say? the boss was too cheapskate to buy boats for the people. The catch is the river was full of crocodiles.

He gathered the staffs by the river and said "In order to improve quality of our delivery, now you are required to swim across the river to deliver the mail. The first man that managed to swim across the river, I will give him anything that he wants".

The staffs stared at the river for half an hour, non of them dared to jump in cause they know the river was full of crocodiles.

Suddenly there was a splash, and one man was in the river. The crocodiles chased after him and he swam as fast as he can. A few times the crocodiles almost got him but finally he reached the other side of the river. The boss clapped his and and said "Well done, you set a high standard and now everyone have to swim across the river, cause it has been proven that it can be done".

The boss and the other staff crossed the river via the bridge to meet the man. Why not swim you say? The boss task is just to set the idea, others have to do, not him.

"Well done, what do you want, young man?" asked the boss.

The fuming young man said "The person that pushed me from behind".

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