Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My New Knife

Last month, I met one of my friends and he showed me a US made knife, Boker brand. Actually I think its fake, there is no way that you can get the original at that price. Even in US its USD89..

Anyway, he got me tempted on that knife and I decided to get one myself. The price RM39.95. Last time I asked my knife shop how much a Buck knife cost and the answer is RM1000. =.=

If Steven Seagal were on a black ops, most probably he will carry one of these as a backup.

Compare the size with my Climber (that's my swiss army knife for those not familiar). Thus this one is truly a weapon and not a tool.

It has a thumb stud for one handed opening although I feel thumb stud are for sissies. In the old days, I open my knife with the flick of a wrist and don't need any thumb stud. Let me look for my old knife and I will show you.

Inside there is a locking mechanism that you need to push in order to close the blade. Its the blue color thingy, you need to push to the left to close the blade.

There is a clip to hang it around your belt or back pocket if you wanna do that.

Full View

Nice way of opening the knife

Scary way of opening the knife

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