Friday, December 19, 2008

Outing at Queensbay

Day: Friday
Date: 19-Dec-2008
Location: Queensbay
Time - 6 - 11 pm.

I went to met my ex-students at Queensbay last night. During the bad times, we have only these students but these students were worth teaching. The irony is now there are more students but the feeling is not the same anymore =.=. I am just ranting here so please forgive me.

We met for dinner and then a movie. Ip Man, which according to my friend should be Yip Man, maybe its a silent 'Y'.. Great kung fu movie, its about the story of Bruce Lee's master when he was young. Now everyone wants to learn Wing Chun.

Had dinner at Sakae Sushi. The first thing the waitress asked "How about some Asahi Beer?" =.=. In attendance, Sin Hoong, Teong Hee, JJ, Lay Peng, Elaine, Wei Yeong, Jun. Had some Japanese curry ^^.

At Borders. I was recommending Bunny Suicides to them. Its a calender depicting unique way on how a bunny kill himself. Here are two images for a rough idea.

Cool right? Wahaha.

So next time some "Ikan Bakar" or Tao?


xynthian said...

that bunny suicide is really cute!! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Elaine said...

Ikan Bakar sounds good :D