Sunday, December 14, 2008

Embrace Of The Vampire...

In response to Twilight, I would like to review a movie called "Embrace Of The Vampire". Its famous not for its storyline but Alyssa Milano Enhanced Boobies O.O on the screen.

The story, long long ago 2 person are in love. But the man was bitten by vampires and turned into one. Ages later, he found a girl that resembles his lost love. He got 3 days to win the girl's heart or he will die. What does he do after he won the girl's heart? He have to suck her blood la. Huh? Don't look at me, I am just reviewing the movie. Win her love then kill her?? WTF.

Lost love
Meeting in a forest. She is a virgin you know, so either he is gay or he is gay.
And one day, while he was sleeping, some vampires attacked him. What idiot sleep in the forest like that and not even armed? Even in my RPG games, when my character is gonna sleep, I will summon some monsters to keep watch. Thank God he was not eaten by a tiger or something.
Vampire bite

Now he is emo. wahaha

Splitting image of his loveBoobs alerts

HLA. If you don't know what is HLA, please ask me and I will explain =.=

Battle for her soul

Mutant X Vampire. I don't know vampire can shoot out electric bolt.

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