Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We are in the cleaning business???

the new shirt for open day is ready.

From far look like Laundry right? @.@. Note: The word laundrettes refer to self service laundry in the UK. =.=|||

Primus inter pares - is a phrase which indicates that a person is the most senior of a group of people sharing the same rank or office. Hmm, now they are saying all the colleges are equal, not "I am the best" attitude anymore. ha ha

But again from Wikipedia - a term used to refer to either the most senior member of a group of equals (peers) or to refer to someone who claims to be just one member of a group of equals when in reality he or she completely dominates said group. Hmmm, maybe the second one is truer. Wahaha


Maple said...

Where can I get that shirt?? Haha!

SMS said...

Its for staff only. Sorry =.=