Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The current learning environment

I am not an expert in Education. I do not have a Phd in Education, so I am not really qualified in to write a paper on mind mapping, cognitive development and all those stuff.

But I just wanna share my thought on what is learning?

If you read any formal books, learning can be defined as getting and retaining new knowledge from the stimuli around us, like lecture, watching video and so on. Learning does not mean that you must have a teacher and lecturer around you. You can get knowledge on your own.

We have many theory, for example competency based learning and so on, but at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, did the students learn anything from you or just memorize and then forget.

So what is exactly wrong with the system. I have talked to a student holding a computer science degree but really do not know ANYTHING about client server technology, even better a MCSE holder do not know what is a router. True experience from my friend at Dell, he almost got a heart attack interviewing the person.

Because we are lead by people who do not know anything about education. An example, they want people from the industry to pass the knowledge, good idea but I am very worried the students will be just products in a line. Do you still have the empathy for the students or you consider them a digit, number or God forbid, revenue only =.=. I know some students people from the industry consider hopeless but when they go overseas, they get first class or second class upper and got work there.

I have a sister too. I don't want her to be like me or continue what I failed to achieve. I feel some people when they look at the students, they see themselves. You should never expect other people to do what you cannot do yourself.

Then you want the student to be tested on competency based exams. But then why do you scale the results when it is not in your favor. That is hypocrite's.

You say you wanna give freedom for the student to do and think, yet when there is a talk, attendance is compulsory. What little fate you have in them.

I am almost burnt out in this field. Cause I think I see too much already....


frozeH said...

u see too many mr.wanderfull d,his mapping cant do us any good lar.and i also know some of my peer dont really know what is a rack server too...maybe the system is truly too fcuk up d.they all only focus on result rather then practical experience,for them A is everything but do they really understand or just simply memorize the solution in-order to pass the exam.

so maybe is time for us to be on vacation d.UK any1 or japan...hehehee

Anonymous said...

To me, the best education system is what was practiced in the olden days: apprenticeship. That way, the master remains in the trade and is never out of touch with it, while only having to worry about training one or a few apprantices. And the students learn through hands-on experience while subject to strict demands from the master. That, my friend, is how masters were born. Today's mass-production education is a pathetic joke.