Saturday, July 19, 2008

No power at Queensbay O_____________o

Sunday, 20 th Jul 2008, around 12.55 pm at Queensbay

I was walking near the cinema, I wanted to buy ticket to watch the Dark Knight, suddenly it became dark, no power at Queensbay. Lucky I did not buy ticket yet

There was no power in all the shop except jusco so they cannot do any business and had to close. How to pay if the cash register is not working?

So a lot of people just hang around cause cannot shop anyway.

When I went back, the traffic light at the roundabout is not working too, so must be the whole area affected.


Jstar said...

I like what u said " how do you pay when the cash register is not working that's funny. but I must of been weird to be in a mall with no power. By the way your blog is really good its the only one I actually read!

SMS said...

Thank you :D