Thursday, July 24, 2008

Engineering Final Project Presentation

Today was the Final Project presentation for Engineering Diploma and Degree students. So tonight you all can sleep already.

And for my students, the due date for the assignment has been extended until next monday, and the test is next wednesday.

Rubic Cube Solving Robot

FM Receiver

This robot is so cute. Wait until you see it walk and dance. I need ti do some video conversion before I can upload that. Coming soon

Robotic Arm. Can move 1 finger for now, but when all the fingers can be moved and the Robot above can be scaled to human size, it can be joined together. Than you can hold a press conference and say "I'm Iron-Man" ^^

Can mix different colors automatically until a third color is created. Its like mixing chemicals until certain color is achieved, and the system can monitor the color,

Babyspider, er I mean Spydertron, a robot spider that can move, turn and attack. Videos after I do the conversion. Coming soon..

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xynthian said...

Okay. Great project this year.
Waiting to see all ya videos...