Saturday, July 12, 2008

Reflections ...

Today was a holiday, so I have time to walk around and see stuffs on sale.

Actually these past few weeks were tough on me. I was extremely tired of the routine of the job and some other problems too.

So today, I went to Gurney just to see stuffs. There were a lot of people at Gurney cause its sale time.

Funny things about sale is its very hard to find your size. I been searching for a pants since last Thursday but all the things on sale no size. I walked past Dockers, the salesman called me (actually CHASED me) and promoted (am I that recognizable???), the pants are like RM95, but in the end, no size T.T. I talked about this with my students, it seems for men, the sizes left are too small, but for girls, the sizes left are too big. wired huh?

Versace are selling some of their jeans at half price, around RM285, but it seems the name scares everyone and not a lot of people go in that shop. But their jeans are not my taste.

Went to Seed and saw one ex inti student buying Seed shirt. It seems a lot of girls like this brand ^^

Actually I wanted to buy new shoes as my shoes is old already, but it seems I cannot make up my mind. I was torn between Aldo (quality unknown, but got discounts) and Timberland (I have one, the price T.T). In the end another candidate entered, Clarks. Their Wallaby (the first time I saw I though it was Wannabe =.= ) collection not bad. In the end I did not buy yet. I guess I am more responsible now, in my wild days, i can buy 2 shoes in 2 consecutive days.

Then more random walks, wanna see Hellboy 2 but too many people. I guess some people matured too, the first Hellboy was renamed Super Sapient by the sensors, and Daredevil was banned here =.=

More random walks, then decided to head to Queensbay...

At Queensbay, met my ex students buying shirts to go overseas soon. When I reflect back, it seems my relations with my previous students are good, but dunno why the current students are problematics. Hell yeah, I can write all the name of the students here, but later you all bored .... That day I did an evaluation for another lecturer, the future students are even worse. Did the quality of the students drop or the quality of the lecturer drop or its now all about $$$$$$.

Of course go play Time Crisis 4 one round ha ha. Then spend the rest of the days at Borders reading books.

PS: I saw a girl wearing a cap that says "Kill The Boss", anyone have any idea where I can get that cap?

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xynthian said...

I guessed all the branded shop assistant knows that you have the potential to make them sell.


You must be a regular customer!!

Sir, where you get all your money from? Teach me.... :)