Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hellboy 2

I just watched Hellboy 2. According to some of my students, it boring, but when I watched it, i liked it.

Long ago there was a war between the humans and the elves. The elf king asked s troll blacksmith to build the Golden Army but when he saw the destruction it brings, he was sadden and called for a truce. The golden army can be controlled by a crown which was broken into 3 parts. Elves hold 2 parts and the third is held by humans.

Now Prince Nauda wants to start the war all over again by awaking the Golden Army. I must say the Elves look Tolkien..

So its up to Hellboy and the gang to stop him from raising the Golden Army. They are aided by Princess Nauda, the twin of Prince Nauda. The catch is if Hellboy kills Prince Nauda, she dies too.

Place where the Golden Army is kept.

I don't want to spoil the plot. Go watch yourself..

Things to watch out for:

1. Tooth fairies actually eat humans, especially the tooth part ..

2. Johann Krauss

3. The fight at the Troll Market, and Hellboy "interrogating" the suspects by slapping them around.

4. Hellboy and Abe getting drunk and singing "I need you to smile" song

5. Who is the idiot who put in the part of "Anyone challenge my right to control the Golden Army?" that the wearer of the crown MUST say out loud before controlling the Golden Army. If anyone accepts the challenge, the Golden Army will pause and let them fight first. Must be the troll blacksmith. :P

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