Saturday, July 19, 2008


I have not written for quite some time. I was very busy this week and some more I was (and still is) sick since the last 2 days.

Today I want to see Dark Knight but since my health is not so good, I don't want to disturb other people in the cinema. AnI heard. Maybe tomorrow if I am feeling better.

We lost 2 lecturers this week, so do not assume people will stay with you forever. These lecturers are senior lecturers, not some young kind who get stressed by the students. Hope people will appreciate their staffs more. Even the best of emperors have their soldiers to fight for him, if the soldier abandons them, they are King Nothing.....

I broke the button of my pants with my bare hand. I always break thing when i am not feeling well, i broke a pipe once, then my spec and some other things. Now I am in a dilemma, should i get some extra pants now?? I dont really feel like buying but i am running out of pants, Yes, i have a lot of pants but most of them are too big now =.=

It seems that the college now is CRAZY in asking lecturer to write paper and present. Let me tell you, i am not afraid to present, in my previous job, i have presented in front of the Chief Minister of Penang and in an hall full of people at SIRIM. But one thing my ex boss teach me is when you want to present something, make sure it is good and not just for the sake of show. I feel that what they are doing is just for show, if they ever meet an expert in the area, they will be shot down like hell. Which reminds me of the movie "The Battle of Wits", you are the best archer and fighter because you are the prince =.=> And afterwards i heard some people are wondering how he got the qualifications since the presentation in like that =.=. maybe buy the cert =.=

Enough musings for today....

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bbdra said...

huh?why lecturers need to do presentation?i thot only students need to do that =.=
please stop drinking cold water so that u can recover soon..take care ^^v