Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What the people on the streets know

I was browsing through dvd when the aunt ask me "What do you work as?", cause she always see me at the shop.

"Well, sort of teaching" is my reply.

"I don't believe you, teachers have no time to watch dvd cause they always have to write this report and that report" she replied.

I was speechless. Even the people in the streets know that teachers have lots of reports to write. Now they want to extend it to colleges and universities. What are this people who makes the policy thinking.

"You are in the computer field" she said. Is it written on my forehead or something????
It seems everyone I meet knows I am in the computing field

I think I want (WILL) to go back to computing field. This teaching area is getting crappier and crappier with a lot of nonsense and bull.


xynthian said...

I seriously think that there is much better place to extend or use your knowledge also getting more money perhaps?

Haha.. :P

Maple said...

Erm sir, please don't leave till I finish my project, I still need your help, hehe!