Monday, July 14, 2008

Hide a dagger with a smile

I was reading one book on office warfare (seems there are a lot of these books in the market, have we gone so low?)

Then I saw the saying "Hide the Dagger with a smile". This image comes to mind.

Actually it means, its harder to people to object you if they like you rather than they hate you. So try to make people like you...although most people in top positions that i know are A$$-Holes =.=


Anonymous said...

įŽ‘é‡Œč—åˆ€。xiao4 li3 cang2 dao1.

Actually, it means having a malevolent intent behind a beneficent facade. And a more direct translation is "a smile with hidden dagger".

Or, as Ang Lee would probably translate it: "smile hiding dagger". And he would probably still get an award despite the bad English. :-p

SMS said...

"Smile Hiding Dagger", sound like a weapon's name from an RPG :P

I like it..