Thursday, July 3, 2008

River Island shirt *inlove*

Finally my River Island shirt has reached me

It comes with a tie, even if I am not a tie guy (you can try to tie me up but not tie me down =,=)

Wear it without the tie
Wear it with the tie
The funny label duhh


Anonymous said...

Not commenting about your new shirt (you know what I think about expensive clothes).

Two things:
1) the headshot with halo is nicer;

2) next change, try "Safe Mediocre Sex". :-P

Happy blogging.

xynthian said...

wow...Not bad. Where's topshop shirt you wanna show me?

How much is that shirt? Just asking but doesn't suit my style. :P

SMS said...

That River Island shirt in UK is 29.90 pound. They don't have in Malaysia I guess.

My Topman, I have to look for the picture first. Just washed it today.

Maybe you can look into Ted Baker brand in UK, Its nice

xynthian said...

I know, saw lots of people buying Ted Baker brand as well. But the thing is, I'm not into fashion,'s abit hard for me to spend money on shirt. :D