Monday, June 30, 2008

Should eat there more often

Yesterday ate at the place near 7-11 again. Fried chicken and egg - RM4, not bad.

Its better than Kayu, someone complain to me stupid drumstick costs RM5.

And better than the place I work. Yesterday ate fried rice, vegetable and 5 pieces of black pepper meat chunks RM5.50. WTF

The problem with people is they have very short memory. If you wanna boycott something make sure you boycott until you die or the people that you boycott die. People here are too forgiving.


Anonymous said...

Fried rice = RM 3
Vegetables = RM 1
B/pepper meat @ RM 0.30/chunk x 5 = RM 1.50

Total: RM 5.50

Thank you. Please come again. :-)

Yours truly,
Cafe Taukeh

SMS said...

Cheh =.=