Monday, June 9, 2008

From the people that say "Change Your Lifestyle"

The Prime Minister currently enjoys a monthly entertainment allowance of RM18,865 while his deputy gets RM15,015. Other ministers and deputy ministers are given RM12,320 and RM6,000 respectively.


That's more than us humans get from our salary per month =.= . Cut 10% how much ha?


CokeBoy said...

Sir i thought it had been slashed?

CokeBoy said...

Lolx...i understand it cut 10percent nia....still so high-.-is around our 1 2+2 diploma course tuition fees already-.- cut everything away the PM can support 1 student to study for 2 and a half years-.-

kambatedarsin said...

what the hell!!!
1 month rm10k???
it's too much!!!
i'm going to leave malaysia...