Monday, June 23, 2008

Monster's grumble

Funny Electric Bill
My Electric Bill is due on the 27 of this month.

But when I come back yesterday, a new bill has already arrive.

What is the point of setting the due date if you wanna send the next bill earlier #%^#


I woke up this morning and the sky was EXTREMELY DARK

One on the bane of a biker is rain. There is nothing more fun than being soaked by the rain, especially when you are going to work.

Raincoat? For those that never ride a bike, raincoat does not really work if its really heavy rain, and it can be quite dangerous if the wind blew the raincoat over your face =.=

So I took a gamble and rush to my office. Just reached my office when it started to rain heavily.

So should thank my lucky stars.

And its still raining now.

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