Tuesday, June 3, 2008

X and the people he worked with

X and S is waiting for the bomb to blow up the generator when S asked "X, share with me your experience in the previous company"

X frowned "You really wanna know, ok".

"Basically I categorized the people there into "

"The critics, but then want your support. Shoot this email that email, but then when see me, like asking "Im right in doing that, right" or "You support me in this issues right". If they have balls they do not need to ask other people's opinion. sick of this type".

"The clear pool table, no balls. When people ask any issues, very quite, or when people people raise issues, very quite too. But after the meeting says, I support you in this issue =.="

"The copycat wannabe. See other company doing well wanna copy this copy that without looking at the resources he has. Just copy blindly. It reminded me of one company I audited, they bought an e-business system "it was the in thing those days" but in the end they cannot use it as they have no database. RM100000 fax machine as they just print the order and then do manually"

"The give me feedback, I m listening and then ignore it"

Then there was a huge explosion that blew up the generator.

to be continued in College of the Dead Replay Part 6


Jwo-Haur said...

Boy, I hope you are talking about R****** N** and not D***** P*****. I just checked my balls. They are still intact. ;-p

SMS said...

X has a very strange perception of time. He may talk of things in the past or of things to come.