Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Memories part 2

May 2007 Session:

CSC243: Wei Fong who likes to ask tough questions, Steph, Bijun, Yen Fang, The Headmaster (damn, everyone calls him that until i forget his real name =.=), Zhou Bin who likes masked rider, a few of you that i still remember the face but forget d name, its 4.34 am ok =.=. A good class too ^^

CSC246" Alex. Meng Poh, Ellinne, Kean Yeong "The Transporter" (dun kill me ^^), Vincent. Alex once broke a chair in the lab (he sat on it) =.= so whenever I see a broken chair, it reminded me of the incident =.=

Project: JJ, Steffi, Lay Peng and s guy called Francis that I hardly see in class =.= . When my boss got their project results, he said "Godspeed", i remember clearly.

I bought a guess shirt which says "The sinner speak in the serpent's tongue"

Someone gave me the unforgiven butterfly knife.

Farewell: Gurney. You all treat me Nando's for lunch, then we went and see "Evan Almighty", You wanna see "The Secret" Jay Chou but ticket ran out =.=. Then we look for empty cds for you to take to UK. After that we ate sushi until blur ^^

This sem also has very good memories for me. I promised to help people until this sem only but i gave people time extension. Hope they appreciate it ...

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