Sunday, June 15, 2008

Memories Part 3

I remember Diwakar, a very nice man from India who teaches Engineering. A very humble person. Now he is teaching in MMU. Good for him ^^. The students have a lot of respect for him...

I remember Emily, who teaches VB for engineering students. We are in the same office at the old building. Now she is working in another company. Good for her ^^

I remember Choon Hai, teaching the students C++.

I remember Justin, who used to be my boss. I think he help pull through the school during the tough time. I salute him. Now he is working in another company too.

I remember my students from DIT/DICT - Cloud, Lay Peng, JJ, Kae Yee, Teong Hee, Kean Yeong,Tze Hau, Jay, Sin Hoong, Zhean Han, Chee Sem, Ricky, Shelly, Steffi, Rumi, Yuka, Elaine , Jasmine ..and Wei Yeong (paiseh forget you =.=)

But...that was the old times..Now the students are just faces that I know which brings more hurt to my heart =.=


Winson said...

Sir, How come forget my name?

frozeH said...

i also remember K.Diwakar,when i having hickup in final...he almost wrote all the formula for me....and we took almost 2 week after class stared to understand what he is talking....those were the days.and Mr.CHTan teach me C++,and where is karen which teach VB before?

SMS said...

sorry, add already ha ha

Dumbo said...

All these reminiscences... Sign of another "hop"? Soon? Where to? :-)

Elaine said...

w00t I'm in!