Tuesday, June 3, 2008

An Introduction to Bowie Knife

NO, its not a knife that David Bowie used =.=.

Basically a Bowie Knife can be categorized as a HUGE knife.

Features of a Bowie Knife

1. Blade of at least six inches (15cm) in length, some reaching 12 inches (30cm) or more

2. A relatively broad blade that was an inch and a half to two inches wide (4 to 5 cm)

This knife is used by Jim Bowie.

Maybe I should get one of these ...

Found at Wikipedia:
Bowie is also the namesake of rock star David Bowie, who was born David Robert Jones. Jones changed his name in the 1960s because he feared his name was too similar to Davy Jones, a member of already famous The Monkees. He chose the surname Bowie because he admired James Bowie and the Bowie knife.

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