Monday, June 16, 2008

Machine Girl again

If you feel dizzy watching all the gore and violence, remember to say "Its just a movie" and look at these pictures

In real life, she is a model

Stop salivating on the keyboard ok :P

Finally found a picture of the famous "Drill Bra" ^^

And they have released another movie yay ^^V

1 comment:

Dumbo said...

Hmm... I'm not quite sure you are "healthy" for your students... can't tell what this will do to their "young & impressionable" minds...


Ha! Who am I kidding? They probably watch worse movies than these... :-)

Keep the gore coming!

But please, forget about getting a chainsaw for real. =.=

Anyway, I thought I read somewhere that chainsaws are designed with a kind of safety mechanism: if it hits something soft, it will stall. Not sure if I remember correctly... perhaps that only applies for surgical drills and saws...

But if what I remember is correct, then you can forget about cutting up live human beings ala T.C.M.