Sunday, June 29, 2008

Don't make me angry.

Basically I seldom get angry, but when I get angry I am classified by someone as psychotic. I have broken cabinets, smashed doors ans stuff when I get angry.

I pay attention to what is going on around me, don't think I am blind. Its just whether I choose to react or not. And I do have a very sharp ear.

Don't think I don't know that people are not paying attention in class when I teach. If I react, I would have just thrown you all out of the class.

Don't think that I do not know that you copied the assignments from one another. If I react, I would have given you 0 marks, and thats that.

Don't think that i don't know that you are missing from class. If I react, I would have barred you from the exam.

But I feel that you all are young and deserve to be given chances. But do not do anything to make me change my mind.

The only thing that I will not tolerate is when you all think you have the right to invade my privacy. These two things are examples

1. I found out a person/persons have been asking around about me. If you want to know anything come to me straight and ask. But I consider this issue close after talking to the person.

2. Night time is my own. so if you want to ask questions, ask permission first. Don't assume I will answer question because I will not.

3. If you see me walking and I say I wanna be alone, I mean I wanna be alone. Don't be so busybody ok, and follow me around =.=

If people wanna make it personal, I will take it to a personal level that you cannot even imagine...

That's all I have to say, if you cannot understand, then I have to speak in a primitive language that everyone can understand, even animals..


Cloud said...

omg so on fire ar.. chill la o____o shoppin shoppin ^^

Dumbo said...

You need to install a sandbag. Period. :-|