Tuesday, June 10, 2008


A few nights ago, someone said "Memory kills =.="

My reply "Maybe, but it gives you strength to keep on going also"

January 2007 session:

Project: Cloud with the steganography system, Kae Yee with VOIP, Ricky with the cyber cafe control system, Yuka and Rumi with their hotel system, Shelly with the online cinema booking system, Elaine with the warehouse system, Keen Nang with the web management system and jasmine, sorry i forget your project =.=

CSC243: Meng Yang who always quarrel with Alvin, Terrance, Kheng Jo, Amy who likes gashapon, JX for his "Lion and Fox" jokes, Allan who always mess up his hair going to those trainee hairstylist academy =.=, Jocelyn who always blur at my jokes and laugh 5 minutes after the joke ^^, Sook Shuen, Yee Ting, Jonathan and Jun Wooi. Did I forget anyone? Remember the SpongeBob Cartoon "Money is always right".

CSC246: Lay Peng, Steffi, Jay and Sin Hoong. All pass that subject ^^

CSC202: I remember Wei Jian and Chau Hong only. 1 smart girl forget her name d =.=. Chau Hong is a big H gamer and likes to drink milk in my class.

Y was supposed to handle the labs for them all, but Y resigned half way, and i took over, it was like 8 - 6 on the thursday =.=

After the exam, went batu feringgi with my csc243 students. They were looking for dvd n sunglasses. Jocelyn n Eda thought i was the DVD seller from far. I do have the look, only need a pouch for the dvd ^^. On the way back, raced with a sport car using Allan's Kelisa. Suddenly got one car flashed light from behind. It was Jocelyn's car wanna take over. The next semester, she almost banged into my bike once ^^.

Someone receive a climber knife from me ^^

Got to know a girl named Pamela from another International school. Smart girl. She needed to pass Java in order to go to US, so I helped her every Sunday at Gurney Coffee Beans (The old location, now they shifted already, it used to be next to Dome). Now she is in US already.

When I look back, I remember these events with fondness and not malice. However, the longer I stay, the more these good memories are corrupted by bad events. Maybe I should have left during that time with fond memories.

I just hope when I am not around, people will remember me with fond memories ...


Dumbo said...

Not exactly "fond", but definitely "missed". :-)


By the way, about the current headshot you are using for this blog: nice halo.


Cloud said...

miss doz times too =)

SMS said...

Yeah, I miss them also ^^

You think its easy to capture a picture my halo is it?