Monday, May 23, 2011

2 movies that you MIGHT want to watch..

It seems that more Japanese AV actress is moving into the mainstream movie business. Two names that comes to mind is Sora Aoi and Maria Ozawa. Sora Aoi starred in the funny zombie movie Big Tits Zombie and I am still waiting for Maria Ozawa's Erotibot.

Sora Aoi has been busy and her latest movie is a Hong Kong movie called "Revenge-a love story". I hear its kind of gory so we will see whether I want to make a review of it soon. This movie is for the year 2010. I can tolerate gory Japanese movies but Hong Kong Cat III movies always give headaches..ha ha

A serial murderer has brutally killed several policemen and their pregnant wives. After a quick investigation, the murderer is revealed to be Kit (Juno Mak), whom the case's detective-in-charge (Chin Siu Ho) knows from a previous case.

Once upon a time, Kit was an innocent boy in a rural village who also has a crush on naïve high school student Wing (Sora Aoi). After the death of Wing's grandmother, Kit rescues Wing from a foster care facility, and the two quickly fall in love. However, their romance ends prematurely when a local policeman arrests them. The events that follow lay the seeds for Kit's terrifying path to vengeance.

Maria Ozawa stars in a 2009 Taiwanese movie, "Invitation Only". This one is a Hostel clone folks, although I want to see whether Maria Ozawa get tortured and killed..har har =.=
Torture her??  Well, I need some pins, hot wax, some alligator clips, 5 litres of milk, some bananas and some laxatives..but, cough, cough, its just my

Two males and three girls receive, each of them, an invitation to a party destined only for rich and successful business people. Once there, they are locked inside the building and someone start to hunt them. One die, two others, badly wounded, are captured and dragged on a stage.
There, in front of other guests from the high-society, their stalkers torture them in some gruesome ways. The two (remaining) main characters try to escape this nightmarish location while the bad guys are on their steps.

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