Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Drive Angry

Finally I got my claws on the uncensored version of this movie. Even though its a flop at the box office, I believe that it will gain cult status sooner or later. A cult movie is defined as a movie that acquired a highly devoted but specific group of fans.

Milton was chasing 3 cult members of a cult that murdered his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter to be sacrificed to Satan when the next full moon happens. From one of them, he learns that the ceremony will be held at Stillwater Prison.
Stopping at a diner for coffee, he noticed a Dodge Charger belonging to Piper, one of the waitress there.
Well, Amber Heard is a lesbian anyway, so the sticker is intentional I guess.
Dodge Charger

The car overheated and Milton offered to fix it for a ride.

In the meantime, the accountant is also looking for Milton.
"You want me to call you a fat fuck, or a dead fat fuck?"
They parted ways. Piper went back to her house and got in a fight with his fiancee.
Now everyone has a

Milton saw the commotion and came to the aid of Piper, knocking out her fiancee, driving away with Piper and the Charger..
Nearly full moon.

They stopped by at a bar for the night.

Meanwhile, Piper's fiancee was "interrogated" by the accountant.
He told the police that Milton is the killer and must be shot on sight.

Back at the motel, Piper was knocking the wall because the next door occupants are too noisy.
Soon, the Satanic cult members attacked Milton which leads to one of the coolest shootout I have ever seen.
Milton and Piper were chased by the accountant when Milton took out the Godkiller, a multi-barreled gun.

Milton found the cult but he was ambushed and shot in the face and Piper taken by the cult members.
But he is not dead, and chased Jonah King, the leader of the group who murdered his daughter.
Meanwhile, Piper fights of Jonah and the cult members.
She escaped but the Charger was damaged in the chase and shootout.
Meanwhile, the accountant interrogates another cult member and found out Jonah wants to sacrifice Milton granddaughter to Satan to open the Gates of Hell. He knows that sacrifices annoys Satan, because he works for Satan and Milton escaped from Hell to save the baby.
 The tow-truck owner was an old friend of Milton.
He got a new car from his friend.
Discussing who should go with him to attack the cult and save the baby.
Soon it was decided that Milton and Piper would go.
Chevrolet Chevelle

The police set up a roadblock, but with the help of the accountant, they managed to get through.

They arrived at the place for the sacrifice but Piper was captured by the accountant. The accountant would let Milton stop the cult but he wants the Godkiller back. The gun was actually stolen from Satan and can destroy a person's soul.
The sacrifice was about to start when Milton attacked.
An interruption by two cult member allow Piper back the Godkiller.
The maid could not kill the baby.
Piper reached in time to help Milton.
Everyone was knocked down, while Jonah was gloating that nothing on earth could kill him, he was distracted by the accountant, allowing Milton to shoot him with the Godkiller.
The baby was handed over to Piper while Milton and the accountant drive back to hell.

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