Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday again...

I spend my whole Sunday walking around in the shopping complex, thinking of what to buy, and in the end I did not buy anything yet.

I was considering to buy this Esprit shirt, but not yet the time I feel.
Not pink ok. I was thinking of buying a grey one or a white one. But white shirt is a disaster, especially if you want to eat Curry Mee.
This one made me feel like a walking billboard with the logo so big. I never fancy those shirt with big logo.

 A Puma shoes with the Ferrari badge, expensive but I don't feel it makes you a better driver.

Actually I just wanted to buy 1 item for myself with the small bonus that I got. I don't want to buy an item that requires me to buy another item or items to compliment it.
This Dockers pants is nice, but later I have to buy new shirt, belt and shoes to get the correct style, Its difficult to be me.
Maybe should try this style..hmmm.

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