Sunday, May 15, 2011

This is my life..longer version Part 1

Well, tonight I decided to write about my life cause I realized that a lot of people think they know me, but they only know the part that I let them know. I usually build a barrier between me and people and its the people that I trust that I will open up to. I'm fiercely loyal to the the people I trust, but once you lose my trust, its hard to gain it back.

Ok, here goes, I was born in the year of the Tiger at a small town in Perak.
This is the house that i was born in. Behind my house is the paddy fields.

When I was small, I travel a lot following my family. I have stayed in a lot of place in Malaysia, including Sarawak from the time I was 3 until 9 years old. When I was young, I could speak Iban language fluently but now most of the skills is gone due to lack of practice. I think my personality now is forged when I was small, because I mixed around with people of different races.

In Sarawak, I lived in the village of Tabuan Jaya where you have to take those dingy boats across a big freaking river. And the boats do not have engine, just powered by rowers. Just sit quietly and shut up if you see any suspicious looking thing in the water. To get to my house, you have to walk on some sort of small bridge, because the ground is muddy. On this side of the river, there is this Chinese uncle who I always buy drinks from. The drink that i always buy from him is green in color, now known as F&N Fruitade (I think thats the name).

I still remember the walks that I had with my mom and dad in the evenings. And when the Royal London Circus was there, we always go and see the circus. And the walk to the sunday market where you can see strange stuff like a baby tortoise (well, at least to a kid like me), gold fish, sago worm (taste like and more stuff. I still remember how they used to sell horse meat at the market, rumour has it its the horse that lost the race.

Talking about weird stuff, there are two things that I still remember eating, turtle eggs and dear meat. Turtle eggs are overrated and taste horrible, but its supposed to be good for men, so I guess it does not matter. I remembered falling sick for two weeks after eating deer meat because its too heaty. Ever since then, I never ate deer meat ever again.

Happening place in Kuching in the 80s? I used to go the museum and see the bones of snakes and other animals there. And there is one petroleum exhibition where you can spin the display and see the oil move between the rocks. I wonder if its still there now?

I still remembered two persons that sells burger in Kuching near a tall building. I always ordered beef burger with ketchup, too young to appreciate chilli yet. A walk by the Sarawak river, where the water is crystal clear, looking at the James Brooke monument and eating pickeled amra fruit.

All good things must come to an end and in 1983, I moved back to Perak with my family.

Coming soon - People always fear and ridicule others that are different from them. I experienced that first hand, just because I came back from Sarawak, some people ridiculed me, calling me an Iban and other names. Well, thanks to them, I know racism sucks, and I am who I am today thanks to them. I can be friends with anyone as long as you are sincere with me. The story will continue, I promise. :)

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