Monday, May 16, 2011

Best Japanese Teacher

Wanted to learn Japanese but dread seeing some old uncle or auntie. Fear not, you now can learn Japanese via youtube thanks to Hannah Minx. That and well, she got the most amazing pair of, cough, well you see the video for yourself.

Watermelons, how nice of her to explain

Well, she got the most amazing pair of, cough, and I am not talking about her eyes.

Some images of her.

Well, her introduction by a Japanese magazine.
Black haired belle Hannah Minx has been uploading videos of herself teaching Japanese to YouTube, and her boobs are so huge it’s amazing!

A Pennsylvania student in her twenties, Hannah-san loves Japanese culture (especially anime). This seems to be why she’s uploading her videos.

It’s hard not to be delighted that this beauty loves Japan, but it seems unlikely any of the foreign guys learning from these videos are going to be able concentrate too much on the lessons… the comments section is full of talk about her breasts.

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