Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Weekend - 30-4-2011

On Friday, I was happily thinking 3 days holiday. Friday evening, I was looking at the exam timetable, and realized I had to look after an exam on Saturday morning. Hmmph, its just a few people that will get Saturdays, and I am one of them. Its discrimination to say that you are single, or your house in near the college, then you get Saturdays. I believe that I always get it because I don't make much noise (unless I am angry, and most people smartly know not to make me angry). So off to office at 6.30 am, cause the exam starts at 8.

There are some "smart" people that implement new rules to uphold the "credibility" of the exam. To me, the person is just following certain exam rules blindly, which has no value at all and increase the level of stress. For example, no handphones are allowed in the exam hall, they said that students can keep in in the library, but then there is no such person in charge. In the end, two handphones are lost during the exam because it it kept outside. Yes, you can deny responsibility by saying the students have been reminded not to bring handphones during exam, but let me tell you, miss smartypants, I have been teaching students for almost 11 years now, most of the time, what I told them is forgotten in an instance. And can you control people's mouth? People are already saying, the exam cause me to lose my handphone.

Then, I went to watch Fast Five, I went there to buy the ticket at 12, but it seems the next show is 5.40 pm. Lucky my house is close by so can go back and rest first =.=. Fast Five was a fun, no brainer movie which made me laugh. This is the only movie where you can see a car trip a bus. Wondering what I am talking about, go watch the movie.

I was very busy this week, then I had this funny feeling that I forget to do something. Only yesterday, I realized I did not pay for my car yet this month. Late one week, but paid immediately.when I At least I pay every month, not like some people 3 months overdue..Better check if I forget to pay anything else ha ha. And it was unintentional ok.

Friday evening, I was packing my stuff in a box at the office, and some people thought I was leaving already..ha ha. I was just clearing my table cause there's too much stuff on it. If I were leaving, I'll tell everyone ok.

On Friday also, I help someone to interview a lecturer candidate. This is the second time I have helped interview people, the first was a few years ago. The person is supposed to teach  cryptography, which is a SUPER difficult subject. Its difficult if you have to explain all the maths behind, implementing it is not hard, but ask me to explain Euler theorem, I'll die, plus the students die too. Cause actually after the interview, they asked me whether I can teach that subject, but I don't want to cut people's money, plus don't want to die faster.

Fast forward Sunday, Sunday is Gurney day. I went to play Razing Storm, and now I can complete the "short" version of that game in one play. Just reach stage 3, survive the stupid spider, but failed to stop the missiles launched by it, its game over. If you managed to stop the missiles, you will go to Stage 4, but I always get sniped at Stage 4, and I still am looking from which direction the shot came from. Soon I hope I can finish the long version of the game.

I have discovered the ultimate truth while walking at the shopping complex. I am doing something wrong with my life, cause i had the same thought every time i walk for the last 6 years. I don't need a new job urgently, i urgently need a new identity. Do you know any good plastic surgeon and someone who can make fake ic?

On a lighter side, I have received my small bonus and need to buy something for my self. Should I get
1. Jeans (I saw one nice Guess jeans just now, or Topman or my Esprit)
2. Formal clothes (not in such a mood, cause no mood working now)
3. Sport shoes (Want to buy Onitsuka, but Adidas or Converse is cheaper)
4. A new phone (something around 1K, I don't carry 2K worth of phone in my pocket)

Till next time, take care you all..

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