Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Hajirai Machine Girl

One of my first review of Japanese movie is the Machine Girl, and my blog has evolved ever since with more reviews. If I had the time, I would redo the review of the Machine Girl, cause the original is kind of a trial and testing.

Just for laugh, actually there is a spin off of the Machine Girl, called the Hajirai Machine Girl, and its completely based on the "cuteness" of the girl factor. It runs around 22 minutes, and don't expect the same level of blood and gore as the Machine Girl.
Yoshie is attacked by the same bad guys that we see in the Machine Girl and was saved by the same guy that fitted Ami, the original Machine Girl with the machine gun. If you remembered, he supposedly died in the Machine Girl.
All the bad guys were supposedly killed by the original Machine Girl, but hey, this is a spinoff and based on the cuteness factor.
Training to fight, I really wanna quit my job and become a PE teacher in Japan.
Idea for the machine gun.

The Harijai Machine Girl, don't watch if you just had dinner..lol
How the heck they put a machine gun there and where does the bullet come from?
 Just now her panties were pink, how come suddenly changed to blue??
At least the original machine gun makes more sense.
Is it really worth watching? Not really, unless someone gives it to you.

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