Monday, April 26, 2010

No, its not a porn website. This website has cool stuff relating to Japan. I can spend the whole night reading the site. I will add the site to my list.

Some interesting stuff about the site. You can read the rest yourself.

Marriage Hunting Bra, you can set the time before you want to get married. =.=
Wonder if there is an underwear version for men :S

You can store drinks in this bra. But I wonder how they are gonna drink in public. Wonder does it have straws attached XD.

A chopstick bra =.=. You can store chopsticks in this bra and take them out when you need them. Hmm, if like this, I don't mind taking someone to eat ramen every day XD

Election bra?? =.=

Other than bra, there are other stuff too.

Car for otaku..

I actually like this bike..

19th century pregnant doll. Must be for educational purposes.

Another doll story =.=

High School Girl as a trademark???

Geisha is Robot!!!!!!!!!!

You can read it all at

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